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Pre-loved Snow Gear Marketplace


To celebrate the premiere of Depth Perception in Singapore, we gathered people in the ski & snowboard community in Singapore together for an evening at Handlebar @ Gillman Barracks. Alongside the screening of 3 snowboard movies, we also launched Singapore’s first 2nd hand snow gear marketplace where the community could come together to buy, sell & trade snow gear for the next ski season.

Check out what went down over the evening:


Outdoor movie screening of Depth Perception, alongside tasty grub & beers from the good folks at Handlebar @ Gillman


2nd-hand Gear Marketplace for the ski & snowboard community to buy, sell & trade pre-loved gear! From snowboards, jackets, pants, boots and bindings, more than 300 people participated in the exchange.


Beautiful people who came down to spend the evening with us!

Since starting in 2016, The Ride Side has held annual events in Singapore for the community of skiers and snowboarders to get together. These free events are created for the community to grow, get connected and form new friendships over the years. Since then, we have gone on to create bigger, better experiences for everyone. With the launch of our very own home base in Singapore, The Drop, we’ll be bringing more events to the community throughout the year!


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