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Odyssey Nalu 40″ Longboard Deck
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Odyssey Nalu 40″ Longboard Deck


Note this is only the longboard deck.  Wheels, Trucks & Bearings not included!

Beautiful pintail shape
40 inches of standing room
Perfect Flex – Bamboo + Maple
Gentle W Concave

Designed in collaboration with Singaporean artist Tobyato.

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The Nalu Longboard is a collaboration with Odyssey Boards, a Singapore skate brand on a mission to make skating more accessible to everyone, regardless of their background and experience!

Nalu translates to "surging surf" in Hawaiian; which is why we handpicked every component of this longboard so you can experience what surfing is like.

We kept as many features of a surfboard as we could when we were designing this longboard – a pintail shape similar to a surfboard's, and 40 inches of standing room for all your dance moves. A combination of maple and bamboo was carefully selected to create the perfect flex. As you're carving on the Nalu longboard, you'll feel a lively and energetic response from the deck. We've also incorporated a gentle w-concave on the deck to keep your feet in place as you're making deep carves.

Established in 2016, Odyssey Boards is Singapore’s first longboard brand. We design our boards to empower you to head out and explore your environment. Every detail is handpicked by us throughout the production process, and each component of our boards are purpose-built. This makes our boards beginner friendly, and ready for riding off the shelf. And we don’t simply stop serving you after your purchase. From video lessons to online guides, we continuously create meaningful content to enrich this experience for you.