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Yow Amatriain 33.5″ S5 Surfskate
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Yow Amatriain 33.5″ S5 Surfskate


  • Size: 33.5″ x 10″ x 20″ WB
  • Trucks: YOW 9.0″ Standard/Silver
  • Wheels: Cinetic Crop 66 x 51mm 78A Blue
  • YOW System: V4 S5
  • Concave: Performance
  • Rocker: Tail Rocker
Est shipping date: March 10, 2021

Ibon Amatriain has been considered the best big-wave rider in Europe for the last two decades. Ibon’s humility and easy-going character, along with his unimpachable, game-changing style have made him one of the most admired “underground” surfers in the world today and a respected mentor for the newer generation of big wave riders, like Axi Muniain and Aritz Aranburu, both form Ibon’s home town, Zarautz.

Ibon’s pioneering view focuses on all-round, healthy approach to life and has led to his nickname, “Sensei”, Japanese word for “teacher”. Using every technique from Yoga and stretching to boosting arm-power and a surfskate for his training sessions. Ibon is a true inspiration.

With a role-model like this, it’s not surprising that Ibon’s three sons are now moving onto the surf circuit. Iker, Adur and Eki, all ride their dad’s surfskate signature series.

The closest feeling to surfing out of the water: Your Own Wave Street surfing; find waves, wherever you are.